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We open minds and inspire behavior.

Strategy & Branding


Threadline updates positioning, an older style of marketing tool, to be relevant to our current understanding of how the mind works and how it’s most often persuaded.
A narrative positioning workshop will enable organizations to clearly define their role in the customer’s narrative and how they can best fulfill it.


Threadline uses the latest academic research in behavioral economics and behavior design to develop marketing interventions that are most likely to change consumer behavior.
After a facilitated workshop, organizations will own a series of interventional concepts that are testable prototypes of the ideas generated during the session.

Ideation &

Threadline brings together inspirational speakers, unusual materials, and creative exercises to help teams generate new ideas relevant to a set of objectives.
Organizations walk away from these sessions with ideas engineered to transform the business and can range from simple, one-page concepts to tested prototypes.


Artifacts &

Sometimes all you need a is a good “leave behind.” These custom materials help remind your audience of the story, or support the story as it unfolds during a presentation.
Threadline will help you capture the essence of your story to translate into handouts, collateral, artifacts, or props for your presentation.

Videos &

Some projects require more than a standard PPT report. They need visually driven artifacts using different mediums to create a memorable documentation of your project’s output.
Threadline designers can turn ideas, findings, and recommendations into engaging videos and booklets that leave an impression on your audience.


The value of a new idea isn't the idea itself but the number of minds the idea grabs. Threadline can aide in the development of a socialization plan to fit your needs.
We can assist in the presentation, join for roadshows, or create strategy keepsakes ensuring your vision for the organization is fulfilled.

Training & Development

Storytelling &

Build your team’s skills in storytelling with an academically grounded session. Sessions can be designed to accommodate different cohort sizes and durations, and focus on general skills or skills specific to the team’s needs.
The storytelling training session walks your team through the cognitive effects of storytelling and how to leverage it for persuasion.


Understanding the principles of behavioral economics (BE) will help your team discover how customers make choices.
This training session leads your team through some of the foundational ideas in B.E. and focuses on the heuristics most relevant to your business.


This training session looks at a broad spectrum of findings from the academic research in consumer psychology and what it means for the modern marketer.
The literature introduced into the session will be specific to your industry and will equip your team with the foundational and functional tools used by consumer psychologists.



Stories reveal the meaning behind a person’s relationship to an organization they may not understand themselves. If you want to unlock the secrets of the mind, narrative is the skeleton key that opens it.
Narrative elicitation interviews provide organizations with a rich, meaningful opening into the mind of its audience. Interviews can be conducted in a facility, home, video conference or phone around the world.

Immersions &

Context is critical to completely understanding behavior. Our immersion techniques offer clients the opportunity to peer into the lives of their audience.
As opposed to one in-home visit, ethnography offers organization a deeper view into the lives of the audience, illustrating the context in which behavior takes place.


Many questions can be answered quickly by a large sample when you leverage online and mobile platforms. Threadline calls on the social sciences to capitalize on these platforms and develops meaningful questions designed to cut to the heart of an issue.
Organizations get the insights they need when they need it. In many cases, these studies can be drafted, fielded, and analyzed on a tight timeline and budget.

Need a thing to help with that other thing?

Some challenges are hard to describe, and how to address them feels like it may not exist yet—that’s okay. We can work with you to develop a project for your needs, even if it’s not on the list above.