The inner workings of a piano as a metaphor for brand story. Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash
A brand story is a must for the modern marketer but do we really know what a story is and is a brand story any different from a brand narrative? We break down the difference between a brand story and a brand narrative and offer some thoughts on what makes for a successful brand narrative.
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This holiday, we’re supporting 826CHI in their mission and sharing the gift with our clients and partners. Storytellers will be the leaders of the future. We’re honored to support 826CHI’s efforts to equip Chicago’s youth with the tools they need to lead us.
Redirect by Timothy D. Wilson
Wilson demonstrates that people make sense of the world, and themselves, through narratives. In Redirect, Wilson leverages this foundational understanding of human meaning-making to demonstrate how story-editing can be used to improve people’s situations.
Hooked was practically inspiring. It made me feel like I could design an app that was meaningful to people. Eyal’s model and accessible explanations endow the reader with super powers in design. Suddenly, I felt like I understood how to hook people.
Most agencies position the client as a damsel in distress in need of rescue and the agency as the handsome knight riding in on a white horse. Fortunately, you can still be super while allowing your clients to be heroes. You do so by finding a role in your client’s story.