A brand is a relationship. A good brand is a good relationship.
Marketers are expected to build and measure a brand. But no one agrees on what a brand is or how to measure their success. We get to the bottom of brands.
Kristian's father and Kristian from the 1980s.
My father taught me – both in the classroom as a Spanish literature teacher – and outside of it. As […]
Shortcut by John Pollack book cover
This book is a wonderful exploration of the power of analogies and a brief history of their impact on the major and minor events in our lives. It's goal, which it accomplished, was to strengthen my metaphorical muscles and amplify my analogical powers.
Taking notes at panel event
We gathered some brilliant, accomplished men and women from a number of different industries to discuss the role of narratives in connecting and influencing people. Their perspectives and ideas related to the role of narrative in brand building were profound and practical.
Kristian's Mother holding Kristian as a newborn.
My mother taught me quite a bit about life, relationships and parenting. Inadvertently, she also taught me about branding.
Soldier with his hand on his chest making a pledge as a metaphor for marketers making a pledge
Marketing has an impact on people's lives. The benefit of that impact is up to us. Yet, there are very few expectations on marketers as an industry to be responsible for that impact. Considering all of the power and privilege, insight and access granted to us, it's time we held ourselves to a higher standard.
The inner workings of a piano as a metaphor for brand story. Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash
A brand story is a must for the modern marketer but do we really know what a story is and is a brand story any different from a brand narrative? We break down the difference between a brand story and a brand narrative and offer some thoughts on what makes for a successful brand narrative.