Our Approach

Threadline embeds organizations into the hearts of their customers using an approach inspired by narrative psychology and behavioral economics.

Narrative Design

Shaping People's Stories
Narrative design is the use of communications, products and services to intentionally shape the stories people tell about themselves. It recognizes the person as the hero and the organization as a tool in their journey.
Threadline guides organizations to where they are most likely to play a healthier, more influential role in the life narratives of their customers.

Interventional Marketing

Shaping People's Behavior
Interventional marketing moves beyond communication to shape more beneficial behaviors to the person and the organization. It is an approach focused on cultivating healthy, lifelong relationships between organizations and customers.
Threadline reveals opportunities for organizations to move their marketing strategy from feeling distant to being closely tied to their customers lives.

People are defined by the choices they make and the stories they tell.

Behavioral Economics

People are faced with thousands of decisions every day: what to wear, where to eat, or how to get to work, to name a few. Despite all of this practice, people often fail to choose wisely. They eat unhealthily, don't dress warmly enough, and take the long route to work.
Psychologists have studied the errors in people's behavior. They overwhelmingly conclude people are irrational but predictable. When organizations apply these truths appropriately, they enable their customers to overcome these biases and forge healthier, long-term relationships with organizations.

Narrative Psychology

People don't just tell stories to entertain each other. They tell stories to explain themselves to themselves. These narratives provide the ability to turn the chaos of people's experiences into a cohesive, sense-making structure. People are more than storytellers. They are stories.
The people we love, the experiences we have, and the organizations we support all become part of people's life stories. Psychologists call it a narrative identity. Recognizing these important stories enables organizations be more influential in the lives of its customers and play a greater role in the construction of their stories.



Every project begins with an examination of the context in which the objectives are situated, driven by two questions: “Where are we?” and, “Where do we want to be?”
This phase allows the Threadline team to collect relevant information, gather insights, and build alignment.



With the context established, the Threadline and client team build evidence-based interventions focused on moving the customer toward the ideal future.
This phase of the project identifies – and then designs for – the behaviors most important to achieving success.


Test for

Threadline exposes the designs to real customers using rigorous research methods and a collaborative synthesis process to move the ideas from evidence-based to evidence-backed.
This phase reveals the path most likely to transform relationships from loyal to loved.

No two projects are alike, but our approach is always productive, meaningful, and fun.

Every project is customized to you and your objectives. What’s always consistent is the care we take managing every client relationship we have.