About Us

We believe relationships are more rewarding than contracts, we can change the world person by person, and our work should be both a source of pride and a source of income.

Our Mission

To improve the relationships between consumers and the organizations they invest in.

Home is where the stories are.

Decades of academic research show people use stories to figure out the world – and themselves. Yet, very few organizations seem to know or act on this.
People have been treated like algorithms to be manipulated. If you offered the right price, produced the right commercial, or had a bigger logo, people would buy.
Threadline began in opposition to this robotic view of consumers. We believe organizations can do better by recognizing people as the complex, diverse stories they are. We believe business is personal and brands aren't faceless entities but the proud expression of a team of people serving other people. This is where Threadline is most at home.

We know how people think.

We describe ourselves as a narrative design firm and an interventional marketing agency. We know how people use stories to define themselves and how their biases affect their decisions. We use this knowledge to influence customer behavior and facilitate close bonds with brands.
But describing us can be complicated because relationships are complicated. Sometimes, we look like good old-fashioned marketers building strategy documents, positioning statements, and creative briefs. Other times, it's market research with global studies and amazing interviews. Sometimes, we plan a big event to launch a client's new business or product.
Though we have a unique, special connection with every client, one thing is always the same. Together, we embark on a journey to where organizations play a meaningful role in the lives of the people they serve.
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Kristian A Alomá smiles a lot.

Founder & CEO
Kristian sees the world in story, believing that the more we understand our narratives, the more we understand the world and our place in it. This is equally true for businesses as it is for individuals.
After 15 years helping some of the world’s best products become brands and nearly a decade of academic research, he founded Threadline to help tell those stories. He is currently finishing his PhD dissertation on Narrative Psychology at Fielding Graduate University and can be found sharing stories with his kids, adventuring across the country or overseas, or playing with the latest tech toys.

Collaboration is greater than competition.

We like building things with creative, intelligent people, whether at an agency, studio, or lab.