About us

We know how people think

We describe ourselves as a narrative design firm and an interventional marketing agency. We know how people use stories to define themselves and how their biases affect their decisions. We use this knowledge to influence customer behavior and facilitate close bonds with brands.

About us

Home is where the stories are

Decades of academic research show people use stories to figure out the world – and themselves. Yet, very few organizations seem to know or act on this.

Our Team

Though we have a unique, special connection with every client, one thing is always the same. Together, we embark on a journey to where organizations play a meaningful role in the lives of the people they serve.

Kristian Alomá, PhD

Founder & CEO

Kristian believes designing a successful relationship with customers requires the intentional and intelligent application of the social sciences.

Madeline Duran


Madeline has immersed herself in the application of the social sciences to help organizations find meaningful insights and translate them into real, meaningful opportunities.