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Threadline uses narratives to design the customer’s relationship with a product and create a brand.

The things we purchase, the services we use and the nonprofits we support do more than fill a need. They tell our life stories to others and, more importantly, to ourselves. They confirm what we care about. They validate the kind of person we want to be.

The difference between a product and brand is how we integrate it into our own narratives.

Our choice of laptop can suggest we’re creative or pragmatic. The nonprofit we support may affirm how much we care about underserved populations. That tutoring service we hire for our children helps relieve us of the need to relearn how to take the SATs. Whether they’re mints or mortgages, brands serve a meaningful role in people’s lives.

As marketers, this is an awesome responsibility.

Understanding the narrative mind gives us insight into how we transform the chaos of life into a meaningful set of experiences. Narratives are the decoder ring of human identity. They’re the password that unlocks the mind. They’re the catalyst that reframes ideas and changes behaviors. It’s our privilege to guide organizations from just telling stories to harnessing the power of narrative. We’d love to understand yours.

Kristian A Alomá, Founder and CEO

Kristian began Threadline, LLC in 2017 to solve a problem: marketing was using an old set of tools in a new age of understanding the human mind. He set out to create and develop a model rooted in narrative psychology. He helps organizations rethink their brand from being set in a position to being involved in a story led by the consumer. At Threadline, Kristian often works independently on projects for his clients or in collaboration with his researchers, designers and strategists around the globe.

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